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Miniature models of the contents of an early 20th century Sainsbury's branch.

Includes two plants, one balance with bell weights, a pair of butter pats, six sides of meat with meat hooks, a set of butcher's knives with brush, assorted price and product labels, and two small window poles.

Also includes twelve Christmas puddings, a basket of eggs, six bags of coffee, nineteen packs of tea (three different varieties), five bags of Selsa brand flour, two butter blocks, thirteen groups of small sausages, five black pudding rings, twenty-four empty blue bags, and fourteen full blue bags.

Contains four bottles of Selsa picalilli, four bottles of Selsa gherkins, six large sausages, twenty cuts of meat, eleven slabs of cake, twenty-seven pastry products, and twenty-three cheeses (various types).

Also contains a piece of folded black cardboard, six round yellow objects with a flower on top and a power supply cable for the miniature shop model in which all of these objects would have been arranged.