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Miniature model of a Sainsbury's branch in the house-style; a decorative scheme used in Sainsbury's branches from the 1890s to the late 1940s. The model has a panelled wooden exterior and divides into two parts: the branch interior and the shop front.

The branch interior has a plasterwork ceiling with cornicing and ceiling roses. There are two plastic skylights and five glass pendant lightshades, one of which has become detached. Tiles have been painted on to the walls and two long shelves run down each side of the branch. There is a wooden office screen at the back of the branch featuring doorways, plastic windows, applied wooden decoration, and a central image of John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury. The mosaic flooring is composed of small coloured circles and the two long counters are made of wood and have tiles painted onto the sides.

The shop front has wooden window frames holding two deep plastic windows in place, one at each side of the doorway. The windows and a plastic panel above the door are painted with historic Sainsbury's slogans. A wooden shop sign stretches across the front top of the branch bearing the gold painted inscription, 'HEAD DEPOT J. SAINSBURY. BLACKFRIARS S.E.', and a copper alloy bar for hanging meat products is attached to the shop front below the sign. The shop front also features plasterwork, two pendant lightshades, painted tiles and a 'J. SAINSBURY' mosaic in the doorway.