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Electric clock with a rectangular brass frontage and a metal cylinderical drum on the reverse of the clock housing its working mechanism.

The rectangular brass frontage is decorative, being angular, in the style of the 1920's; above the main body of the clock there is a metal bar decorated with mock chains from which the clock would have been hung. The clock is from Kilburn office screen, "rescued" by P. Macnamara c.1954.

The cyclinderical drum has a hinged door with latch which opens to reveal the clock's working mechanism. Two covered wires from the clock mechanism fit through a hole in the top of the drum at the back of the clock, to which an electric Wylex clock connector (now detached but present) would have been connected. Working order is unknown and no hallmark is present.

Also present is an unidentified flat circular piece of wood which comprises 2 semi-circles hinged together at one end.