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The files contain material for the following branches: Kempston; Kensington; Kentish Town; Kettering; Kidderminster; Kilburn; Kings Heath; Kings Lynn; Kingsland and Kingston.

The Kensington material consists of three letters from John Benjamin Sainsbury to Mr Curtis. Mr Curtis was the Manager of 84/6 Ballards Lane, Church End, Finchley before becoming the Manager at 99 Gloucester Road, Kensington. The letters deal with his transfer to Gloucester Road. One letter, dated 27 December 1918 to Mr Curtis at Ballards Lane, had been placed in the file for Finchley (SA/BR/22/F/13) while the other two, dated 9 and 16 September 1919 and sent to Mr Curtis at Gloucester Road, had been placed under G for Gloucester Road (SA/BR/22/G/14). They were brought together under Kensington because Gloucester Road is listed under Kensington in the branches spreadsheet and they all deal with Mr Curtis' transfer to that branch.