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Staff communications material designed for display in staff rooms and other staff-only spaces. This material is generally issued alongside store managers monthly briefings in SA/BRA/3/1/2/38.

1) 'Tell us what you love'/ 'Love Awards' staff campaign material (May 2014).
Two table talkers featuring photographs of members of staff with their favourite Sainsbury's products (blueberries, cookies, Gok for Tu dress, bisuits, cheesecake, Omega 3 fish oil).
Poster 'Tell us what you love' with space for staff to stick their nominations for favourite products. Featuring copy 'Try the by Sainsbury's range' and the 'We are Sainsbury's' logo.

2) 'Let's get fruity' poster [2001] inviting Fresh Produce teams to win £500 for their store SSA fund and an opportunity to attend Fresh Produce Awards 2002. Staff are encouraged to make improvements to the fresh produce aisles for a chance to win.

3) Poster advertising Sainsbury's winning Convenience Chain of the Year 2010 in the Retail Industry Awards with slogan 'Sainsbury's. You make the difference' (2010).

4) Table talkers for use in staff canteens and staff rooms. Has photographs of Easter product range (Easter eggs, cakes, gingerbread, craft kit, table settings, cuddly toy, hot cross buns and roast lamb). (2013)