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Correspondence and paperwork related to the trade unions working on behalf of staff at Sainsbury's Blackfriars head office and depot; the Supervisory, Administrative and Technical Association (SATA) and the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW).

Includes original and photocopied union newsletters, articles and information sheets e.g. 'Why should I join the union' information. Also includes handwritten notes from union representatives about new developments in Sainsbury's working practices, agendas and minutes from union meetings, details of training courses and blank forms e.g Sainsbury's accident report forms. A photocopy of the recognition and procedure agreement between J. Sainsbury Ltd. and SATA is also present.

Contains staff handbooks produced by Sainsbury's, union rule books and other related booklets. Also contains material produced by the unions for their representatives e.g. USDAW central office address gummed labels and subscription collection books.

Random items apparently unrelated to Sainsbury's or the trade unions e.g. raffle tickets for Royal Tunbridge Wells Angling Society's derby draw are also present.