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The Smartbox system used recycled plastic boxes purchased by customers and held in a new style trolley. The customer packed the groceries into the box as they toured the aisles, checks out at the front end as normal and re-packs their reusable box. They did not need a carrier bag but they did receive two Schoolbags vouchers or two pence for each filled box. Smartbox allows the customer to sort the shopping, protects it in the boot of the car and makes it easier to unpack at home. The idea comes from Canada. Safeway supermarket, at the time, were using a similar conjunction with 'selfscanning' where the customer used a hand-held scanner as they selected the products from the shelf. Information from SA/SC/JSJ/49/9. Two sides of the basket are inscribed 'Sainsbury's 7870'. See SA/MARK/ADV/3/5/3/44 for leaflet