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A film made to help explain decimal currency and to illustrate how it is used in a Sainsbury's store. Most of the film takes place in the Sainsbury's self-service store at 9/11 London Road in Croydon, which became a "Decimal Shop" a year ahead of decimalisation and was used for training purposes. The presenter Zena Skinner looks at how decimal prices are displayed, how items are re-priced in the new coinage, and how the use of decimal currency is effected at the till.

She also interviews company chairman John Sainsbury, who reassures her and Sainsbury customers that re-pricing into decimal will not be used as a way of hiding price rises, and Lord Fiske (Chairman of the Decimal Currency Board) who talks about the government's media campaign to help explain decimal currency.

The film appeals to customer fears about hidden price inflation and the potential difficulty of shopping using the new money. Zena Skinner buys her shopping using a mixture of old and new money, demonstrating how the staff can be depended on to assist.

The film includes footage of the interior of the store and product displays.
See also JS Journal March 1970 for an article about the film and decimalisation at Sainsbury's.

15 minutes 30 seconds long, colour film. Produced by Cygnet for J. Sainsbury Ltd.