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Contains publications, surveys, reports and extended articles on the subject of trading stamps e.g. reports by Mather & Crowther Ltd. entitled 'Stamp Trading on the Continent' and 'Stamp Trading in the United States and on the Continent' and by Mathers Public Relations entitled 'The Distributive Trades Alliance Trading Stamp Survey, May 1969'. Also contains photocopied and original articles written by Alan Sainsbury (Lord Sainsbury of Drury Lane) in opposition to trading stamps.

Includes Tellex reports and transcripts of radio and television broadcasts relating to trading stamps e.g. Lord Sainsbury's appearance on Town and Around, B.B.C. T.V., 21 November 1963. Also includes correspondence between Lord Sainsbury and the Co-operative Union Ltd. (Co-op) and Co-op anti-stamp publicity material.

Contains correspondence and paperwork relating to a publication, 'The Role of Trading Stamps in Retail Competition' by Christina Fulop and general correspondence from Lord Sainsbury's office related to the anti-stamp campaign. Also contains a proof for a Sainsbury's anti-stamp advertisement, examples of Sainsbury's anti-stamp newspaper advertisements and press cuttings relating to stamp trading.

Includes the J. Sainsbury Limited Annual Report and Accounts, 1964 and reports on House of Commons parliamentary debates on the Trading Stamps Bill.