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17 colour transparencies of:
turnover 1971-1975,
variation in the growth of turnover and prices during the year 1974-1975,
high prices lead to a change in buying patterns growth of expenditure and prices 1972-1974,
regional variations in the growth of trade in grocery outlets 1974,
outlet shares for major competitors 1974-1975,
products are affected differently by rapid price increases 1972-1975,
gross profit 1971-1975,
comparisons with 'reference' levels 1974,
expenses 1973-1975,
squeeze on net margin,
prospects for growth,
percentage share of turnover by form of organisation 1973-1975,
the importance of new openings 1972-1975,
source and application of funds,
capital expenditure 1972-1975,
branch openings 1974-1975,
branch openings 1975-1976