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Operational guide booklet entitled 'Shopping at Sainsbury's' (first edition), May 1973.

Includes: article 'Location of Sainsbury's Branches', with map; article 'Shopping at Sainsbury's' about buying, testing, labelling (with ingredients, sell by dates and prices) and 'own label', with colour photographs of 'own label' product range (butter, milk, yoghurt, margarine, cheese. sausages, Tendersweet bacon, hot drinks, 'non-food', household goods). Also includes article 'What Price Quality', about product testing in laboratories (with photograph of tights testing; see SA/BL/4/97), and article 'The Future' about expansion, shop opening hours and out-of-town shopping.

Locations and branches mentioned include: Hoddesdon depot; Blackfriars (head office); Bretton.