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Contains speeches of mixed content:

1.10.1983 Copy of slide script submitted for use by Director-General of the Institute of Marketing , Peter Blood, at the Institute of Marketing Lunch/presentation of national marketing awards.

Also includes other related papers.

31.10.1985 'Satisfying the changing demands of the Consumer'; given at the Supermarketing Conference by (?)Peter Davis [Assistant Managing Director, Buying and Marketing].

10.3.1986 'Communicating the Quality Factor'; given at the CIES Conference: "The Retail Trade and The New Communication Challenge" by Mr. M.D. Conolly, Director of Marketing, J. Sainsbury plc.

(?)June 1986 Presentation given by Michael Conolly to the J.S. Trading Policy Grade 13 Course.

21.10.1986 Presentation given by Michael Conolly, Director of Marketing, J. Sainsbury plc, to the Good Housekeeping 'Tomorrow's Food' Conference.

26.4.1986 'The Right Product at the Right Time'; presentation by Michael Conolly, Director of Marketing, J. Sainsbury plc, to the Conference of the Institute of Home Economics.

18.11.1986 'What is Media Value, and how does it affect us?'; given by Michael Conolly at The Advertising Association Media Business Course.

5.3.1987 'From Corner Shop to Supermarket'; given by Mr. C. J. Leaver, Head of Public Relations, J. Sainsbury plc, to the Institute of Dairy Technology (South Eastern Area).

Also includes correspondence arranging Mr. C. Leaver as speaker on the History and Development of Sainsbury's at the above meeting.

29.6.1987 'Does the Public Service Serve - the Consumer Dimension'; given by Sir Roy Griffiths, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director J. Sainsbury plc, as the Redcliffe-Maud Memorial Lecture, Institution of Civil Engineers.

26.6.1989 Talk given by J.H.G. Barnes at the Oxford Business Course Dinner (first draft).

11.2.1992 Speech given by R.T. Vyner, Joint Managing Director of Sainsbury's, to the AGM of the National Farmers' Union.

c.1992 Background paper from which to draw for presentations by Mr. Alan L. Jacobs entitled 'J.S. and the Retail Food Revolution 1869-1914'.

Also includes Bridget Williams' [Company Archivist] comments on the paper and other related correspondence.