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Newsletter for former employees containing news about staff, the business and the organisation of events for veterans e.g. reunions, excursions.

Originally entitled JS Veterans Newsletter, changed to JS Veterans News c. 1995 - 1999. Includes Autumn 2014 'The History Issue' (with article about Sainsbury's in WW1). Winter 2014 issue includes free diary.

The series is incomplete.

Gaps in the series are as follows:

Missing between Nov 1963 and Sep 1966
Missing between Nov 1966 and Sep 1972
Missing between Sep 1976 and Jan 1977
1978 All missing
1979 (all missing except Mar issue)
1980 (all missing except Dec issue)
1981 (Jun, Oct, Nov, Dec missing)
1982 (Jan, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep missing)
1983 (all missing except Jan issue)
Missing between 1983 to Feb 1990 (except Dec 1988 issue)
1991 (all missing except May, Oct, Dec issues)
1992 (all missing except Jan/ Feb, Mar issues)
1993 (all missing except Apr/ May, Jul, Aug/Sep issues)
1994 All missing
1995 (all missing except Mar/ Apr, Jun/ July issues)
Missing between 1996 and 1999
1999 (all missing except Summer issue)
2000 (all missing except Spring and Winter issues)
2001-2012 (all missing except Winter 2012)
Winter 2015
Spring 2016
Summer 2016
Autumn 2016
Winter 2016
Spring 2017 (includes Sainsbury Archive caption competition)
Summer 2017
Autumn 2017 (includes feature on identifying branches for Sainsbury Archive)
Winter 2017 (includes article showing Christmas pudding packaging and stores identified in Autumn's issue from Sainsbury Archive)
Spring 2018 (includes cover featuring Sainsbury Archive images and an invite to a Sainsbury Archive event)
Summer 2018 (includes article about Sainsbury Archive website)
Autumn 2018 (includes article about Sainsbury Archive website)
Winter 2018 (includes article about Sainsbury Archive event)
'The News', April 2019