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A pair of sterling silver dishes. Each dish has an applied beaded rim and three masks applied at regular intervals around the side. The dishes feature stamped hallmarks indicating that they were made in London in 1916 by Mappin & Webb.

The dish bases feature an engraved design of intertwined letters, (J, M and S) and a banner displaying the inscription, '1869 - 1919'. The dishes may have been produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the wedding of John James Sainsbury and Mary Ann Staples.

Each dish has a circular foot that fits inside a matching sterling silver stand. The stands are circular and have three legs. Highly decorative, each leg has a lion's paw foot and is topped by a winged sphinx. The stand design also features garlands of flowers and leaves, masks, and scrolls.

The dishes and stands are held in a custom-made lockable wooden box with a hinged lid, copper alloy fittings, and green felt lining. A copper alloy plate on the box lid bears the inscription, 'SAINSBURY'.