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Photograph album presented to John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary by their children.

The album is held vertically within a gold-coloured metal frame. The frame is highly decorated with scrolls, vases, ivy, forget-me-nots and flowers. It has four feet at the bottom and a decorative handle at the top.

The leather spine of the album is supported at the base of the frame and the back of the album is fixed in place. A polished tortoiseshell sheet has been attached to the front of the album and gold-coloured metal motifs have been applied to the tortoiseshell, including a central heart design.

The album is viewed by releasing a decorative metal clasp at the top of the front page to allow the leaves to fall forward.

The album contains a handwritten, illustrated dedication and sepia coloured portrait photographs of members of the Sainsbury family. The dedication has the text "Dear Mother & Father on the occasion of their Golden Wedding from their children as a token of love and affection. London, April 20th 1919".

The following photographs are included (identification based on note probably written by archive staff found inside album):
page 1 and 2: blank
page 3: John Benjamin and Mabel (née van den Bergh) Sainsbury
page 4: Leonard Fletcher (husband of Vera); Alan Sainsbury; Vera Fletcher; Robert Sainsbury (children of J.B. Sainsbury)
page 5: George Sainsbury
page 6: George Sainsbury's children: Irene, unidentified, Cecil and Dudley.
page 7: Alice (John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury's second daughter) and her husband Simmons.
page 8: The Simmons' children
page 9: Frank Sainsbury and his wife (formerly a governess)
page 10: blank
page 11: Louise (John James and Mary Anne's third daughter) and her husband Hankey.
page 12: The Hankey's children.
page 13: Arthur Sainsbury and his wife Winnie MacDonald (a 'former Gaiety Girl')
page 14: Arthur and Winnie Sainsbury's children: James Sainsbury, Violet and Olive (who married firstly Lord Inverclyde, then Partridge).
page 15: Paul E. Weldon (son of Lillian) and Lillian (fourth daughter of John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury; she married Mr Weldon, who was known for Weldon's dress patterns)
page 16: blank
page 17: Alfred Sainsbury and his wife
page 18: Alfred and Mrs Sainsbury's children: Valerie and Vernon (after 1919, they had more children)
page 19: Paul Sainsbury and Dorothy ('Dolly') Sainsbury (sixth daughter of John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury)