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Lord Alan's speeches - House of Lords:

HL17 26.4.1966 Debate on Queen's speech (Economic Affairs)

HL18 Missins

HL19 28.7.1966 Debate on Economic Situation

HL20 17.1.1967 Amendment to Land Commission Bill (Covent Garden)

HL21 26.4.1967 Estimated Increase in Public Expenditure 67/68

HL22 29.6.1967 Decimal Currency

HL23 5.6.1967 Prices and Incomes

HL24 14.11.1967 Consumer Protection

HL25 11.12.1967 Stanstead

HL26 14.5.1968 Health Services and Public Health Bill

HL27 27.5.1968 Health Services and Public Health Bill

HL28 4.7.1968 Medicines Bill