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Lord Alan's speeches - House of Lords:

HL41 27.4.1972 Sound Broadcasting Bill - Second Reading

HL42 3.5.1972 Debate on 'Training for the future' (Intervention)

HL43 25.7.1972 Common Market

HL44 6.12.1972 Uganda Asians

HL45 5.6.1973 Fair Trading Bill

HL46 7.6.1973 Employment and Training Bill (Intervention)

HL47 22.6.1973 Debate on Special Orders Committee (Roche Pharmaceuticals)

HL48 27.11.1973 Protection of the Environment - 2nd Reading

HL49 17.12.1973 Grenada - Termination of Association Order 1973

HL50 16.7.1974 Trade Unions and Labour Relations Bill