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Lord Alan's speeches - House of Lords:

HL51 30.10.1974 Debate on Queen's Speech

HL52 7.11.1974 Sugar and the EEC

HL53 11.12.1974 Middle East Debate

HL54 16.4.1975 World Food Crisis

HL55 21.4.1975 Debate on the EEC

HL56 29.5.1975/ Joint EEC Meeting
3.6.1975 (Hove & the De Walden Institute)

HL57 2.7.1975 'Food from our own Resources,' & C.A.P. Stocktaking.

HL58 10.7.1975 The Industry Bill

HL59 7.4.1976 Training Facilities for Industry

HL60 17.5.1976 Transport Policy

HL61 9.6.1976 Economic Debate

HL62 7.7.1976 The Attack on Inflation