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Audio recording of a programme featuring Lord Sainsbury of Drury Lane interviewed by Tony Vandenburg. Topics discussed include his childhood and parents, his career at Sainsbury's, his political and social interests, and his recent campaigns at Sainsbury's (including trading stamps).

Summary of content:
Lord Sainsbury talking about his childhood and parents. Story of his father [J.B. Sainsbury] as a baby being in a swing in the Drury Lane shop, and given a push by customers. Work in boys' clubs in the east end of London. Talks about his entry into the business. Story about leaving the office early one day when first started due to frustration. Started working in Boscombe in Bournemouth. Story of cutting cheese for different customers. Social and political principles developed while working in boys' clubs. In revolt against parents' friends' values. Reasons for joining the Liberal Party. Disillusioned with the Liberal Party around 1935. Connected with Popular Front movement and Sir Stafford Cripps. Joined Marylebone Labour Party in 1945. Trading stamps. Importance of local shops. Value of tradition in family business.