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Lord Alan's speeches - General:

G2 13.9.1956 Self-Service Development Association

G3 22.11.1956 London Chamber of Commerce - College for the Distributive Trades

G4 January 1956 20 year Club - 'Development and Organisation of J.S.'

G5 3.4.1958 Fabian Society Easter School, Dorking - 'The Consumer's Choice.'

G6 7.3.1961 Union of Shop Distributive & Allied Workers (USDAW) meeting - 'Self-Service and the Worker.'

G7 12.10.1961 MAAF Annual Conference for Divisional Offices - 'Modern Trends in Marketing.'

G8 8.5.1962 Federation of Wholesale and Multiple Bakers AGM

G9 16.10.1962 Holborn Chamber of Commerce Lunch

G10 5.12.1962 National Dried Fruit Trade Association: Annual Dinner and Dance

G11 22.4.1963 Southwark Rotary Club Lunch

G12 22.4.1963 Southwark Chamber of Commerce - 'Retailing and the 5 Day Week.'

G13 22.10.1963 Marketing Society Lunch - Trading Stamps Promotion

G14 24.10.1963 AGM of Self-Service Development Association 'The need for Retail Management Education.'

G15 6.11.1963 British Bakers' Annual Management Conference.