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Lord Alan's speeches - General:

G16 13.11.1963 National Federation of Wholesale Grocers & Provision Merchants - 'The Economics and Operation of Stamp Trading Schemes: How to Combat Them and What Alternatives There Are,'

G17 19.11.1963 Business Economists' Group - 'The Distributive Trades.'

G18 4.12.1963 Conservative Back Bench Trade and Industry Committee

G19 28.1.1964 National Association of Retail Furnishers Annual Dinner

G20 5.2.1964 Goodwill or Gimmicks (Industrial Welfare Society - Annual Conference)

G21 10.2.1964 Leicester Clean Food Guild

G22 18.2.1964 NUR Current Affairs Society - 'Trading Stamps.'

G23 28.2.1964 University of Cambridge Labour Club - 'Retail Distribution.'

G24 4.3.1964 London Egg Exchange Annual Dinner

G25 19.3.1964 IPC Solus Club Dinner - 'Retail Price Maintenance.'

G26 8.4.1964 American Chamber of Commerce Lunch. 'The Contrast Between Retailing in Britain and the USA.'

G27 24.4.1964 IPA 44 Club - 'Resale Price Maintenance.'