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Lord Alan's speeches - General:

G39 7.10.1965 Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene - Annual Conference Dinner

G40 18.10.1965 Staff Dinner for Mr F.W. Salisbury (51 year service)
(No G41)
G42 29.11.1965 Grocers' Institute Appeal

G43 28.3.1966 CIES 10th Technical Symposium

G44 13.6.1966 Hornchurch College of Further Education - 'The Benefits of Training to the Modern Reatiler.

G45 17.6.1966 CIES 10th Anniversary Congress

G46 11.10.1966 Grocers' Institute (Annual Dinner)

G47 1966 International Design Congress - 'Design in Marketing at Home and Abroad.'

G48 28.10.1966 Publicity Club of Norwich - 'Advertising: A Retailer's View.'

G49 17.11.1966 International Congress on Distribution and Town Planning.

G50 6.6.1967 Porthlethen - Opening of Meat Factory

G51 26.9.1967 The Horticultural Society Autumn Show

G53 11.3.1968 Actuaries Club Dinner - 'Functions of Retailing.'

G54 26.3.1968 Hay's Wharf - 'Reflections on 45 years in a Family Firm.'

G55 1.5.1968 Flour Milling and Baking Research Assoc. Annual Conference

G56 27.5.1968 Anglo-Israeli Association, Pamphlet by Baroness Elliot with vote of Thanks from Lord Sainsbury of Drury Lane.
G57 6.6.1968 Cultural Association of Agricultural Valuers

G58 11.10.1968 Police Dependents Trust Lunch

G59 10.12.1968 Art AUction in Aid of Save the Children Fund and Children Youth Aluyah

G60 26.3.1969 Royal Society of Arts - Introduction of Mr Peter Goldman