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Lord Sainsbury KG speeches - general speeches:

2.7.1986 J Sainsbury plc, Annual General Meeting

22/23.8.1986 Coats Viyella Group Conference, Retail Perspective

29.10.1986 Opening the RWS Autumn Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery.

16.3.1987 Opening Preview of the Finchley Store; speech before a private view of the store by the Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher)

7.5.1987 United Biscuits Opening Speech

23.6.1987 Supermarketing Quality Food Awards

27.7.1987 Claus Moser Party

3.10.1988 First Night Club Dinner - 10 Downing Street

23.11.1988 Freshman's Dinner

7.12.1988 Royal Smithfield Show Lecture, 'Managing Change in the Food Industry.'

11.1.1989 Armenian Gala

5.3.1989 'Saving the Ozone Layer,' London Conference.

21.3.1989 Science Museum, Food for Thought, Sainsbury Gallery. Also includes a speech given by David Sainsbury.

15.5.1989 Chairman's Statement - Annual Report 1989

19.9.1989 Address to The Guild of Food Writers. Includes Q and A.

26.10.1989 I.G.D. Prize Giving Awards

15.11.1989 The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts Manufacturers and Commerce

23.11.1989 House of Lords - Maiden Speech

5.12.1989 House of Lords - Food Safety Bill - Second Reading.

14.3.1990 Bristol University - Young Entrepreneurs Society

20.4.1990 House of Lords - Arts Council

12.11.1990 40 Years' Service Dinner, Banqueting House, Whitehall.

5.12.1990 National Gallery - Sainsbury Wing Handover Lunch.

4.3.1991 Secretary of State for the Environment Launches a new leaflet in Sainsbury's Nine Elms store, 'Wake up to what you can do for the Environment.'

25.4.1991 National Art Collections Fund - Awards Dinner

15.5.1991 House of Lords - Arts, Public Support