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Lord Sainsbury KG speeches - general speeches:

9.7.1991 Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery Official Opening Ceremony.

11.11.1991 Homebase Conference, Eastbourne. Also includes transcript of questions and answers taken by Lord Sainsbury.

26.11.1991 Twenty Club.

?.1991 Royal Smithfield Show, 'Managing Change in the Food Industry.'

26.2.1992 Stock Exchange and Chartered Accountants' Annual Awards for Published Accounts.

1.7.1992 Annual General Meeting, Chairman's Speech

17.10.1992 South Western Area Dinner Speech.

4.11.1992 Retirement Dinner given by Senior Managers for JDS.

10.11.1992 Announcement regarding Lord Sainsbury becoming a Knight of the Garter. Also contains information relating to Lord Sainsbury's biography and his titles, and how titles rank within the royal system.

12.1.1993 London Weather Centre

18.1.1993 The Royal Society of Arts, 'Better Buildings means better business.' Also includes additional correspondence.

21.1.1993 Speech to the British Property Federation

10.5.1993 The Goodman Tate Dinner

29.5.1993 Stowe Speech Day

16.6.1993 Rhodes Leavers Dinner

29.6.1993 Sainsbury 's Arts Education Awards

20.7.1993 Prime Minister's Seminar

25.8.1993 Sainsbury Study Gallery Bath.

10.11.1993 Institute of Trading Standards Officers.

18.5.1994 A Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of Sir Roy Griffiths.

6.6.1994 House of Lords - Deregulation

10.11.1994 5th Day of Commerce - Brussels

07.12.1994 British Council of Shopping Centres

5.4.1995 House of Lords - Arts Debate

21.9.1995 Launch of Sainsbury's Pictures for Schools

12.6.1996 House of Lords - Lottery Funds

20.7.1996 Speech at Stowe - Temple of Concord

8.5.1997 The Old Stoic Society Annual Dinner

26.11.1997 Rhodes Freshmen's Dinner, Oxford.