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These keys were issued to each of John James's children, and allowed them access to the family mausoleum. This particular one has gold letters A.S. embossed in the lid, showing that it belonged to either Arthur or Alfred Sainsbury.

The box has a leather cover with two metal hinges at the rear. A gold inlay surrounds the lid. A still functioning push button clasp opens the case. Inside containes a key shaped black felt lining and a satin lid lining.

The key within the felt is very ornate. The handle is in the shape of a cross upon a pedestal. The main body of the cross has the following words inscribed: John James, June 12 1844' then a line and underneath 'Jany 3rd 1928'. Upon the pedestle part is written 'SAINSBURY'. On the otherside of the key is inscribed 'Mary Ann, June 30th 1849' then a line and underneath 'June 9th 1927'. The inscription is in a gold colour.