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Account book detailing the amount of money spent each week on wages and other personnel costs (such as insurance, tax, pensions, and the Sainsbury's Staff Association) for staff at Sainsbury's head office, factory, depots, and other central departments (ie not branch staff).

The book is only a summary of the amount of money spent - it does not include any information about individual employees, pay scales or the number of employees.

The figures are broken down into categories (departments or types of job) such as : Blackfriars head office; warehouse; canteen; Union Street; drivers; kitchens; electrical engineers; motor engineers; works department; housekeeping trainees; training centre and special grade clerks.

There are two types of table in the volume:
1. A summary for each week which uses broader categories of department/type of job. Figures are given under the following headings: Income Tax, Employee's Insurance, National Savings, H.S.F., S.W.S. [Staff Welfare Scheme], Teas, S.S.A., Season Tickets, Net Wages, Sick Pay, and Gross Wages. Some of these headings are only introduced part way through the volume. A wages book number is also listed.

2. A table for a four weekly period (with figures for each week), with narrower categories of department or type of job but only containing information about wage, sick pay, and insurance payments. The columns are: Gross Wages, Sick Pay, Firms Insurance [repeated for each week in the table], and 4 Weeks Total.