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Book containing details of the 'works wages' paid each week, with figures given for each employee. 'Works' possibly refers to the staff who maintained buildings and/or equipment at Sainsbury's.

For each week, the tables contain: 'Name' (initials and surname of employee), 'Hrs' [number of hours worked], 'Rte' [probably the rate of pay], 'Exs' [extras?], '£ s d' [amount paid for the week], '£ s d Materials' [presumably expenses paid for materials], 'Less' [a sum deducted which is usually the same for each employee, possibly an employee contribution to National Insurance stamps] and '£ s d' [total amount paid, deducted the sum in the less column]. At the bottom of the table, is a sum for expenditure on [National Insurance] stamps and total figures.

The number of employees listed varies between different weeks, and this combined with the varying number of hours worked suggest that at least some of the staff were employed on a casual basis. There is a significant increase in the number of employees from early 1919 onwards (ie soon after the First World War ended). Typically there were around 20 to 30 staff from 1919 onwards, whereas during the war there were around 7 to 14 staff.