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Four weekly figures for sales of own brand and branded grocery products and price changes. Also includes total sales and sales value figures. Also includes market brand shares.

Includes size, price, price change and sales. Volume includes figures for:
Chinese food; sugar; jam and preserves; breakfast foods (oats, cereals); pastes and spread (including Heinz toast toppers); baking ingredients; nuts; herbs and spices; mustard; salt and pepper; seasonings; stuffings; meat, yeast and vegetable extracts; stocks and gravies; bottled soft drinks and squashes; carbonated canned drinks; mineral waters and mixers; fruit juice; tea; coffee; cocoa and chocolate; malted drinks; salad cream and mayonnaise; oils and vinegar; bottled and canned sauces (ketchup); pickles; jellies; deserts; flour; blancmange; cornflour; custard; suet; cake mixes; canned puddings; confectionary; Christmas lines.

Confectionary includes volume sold by weight.