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Account book containing summary details of Sainsbury's company finances. These accounts cover all areas of the company's business. This appears to be the final and formal record of the accounts as it includes signatures of the Chairman, Joint General Managers, Secretary, and the report of the auditors. The accounts at the front of the ledger contain figures for the whole financial year only. The accounts at the back of the ledger are however in a cashbook like format with specific dates given for transfers of money.

Trading and profit and loss account
Kitchens and by-products trading account
Inverquhomery Farm trading account
Kinermony Farm trading account
Income tax, schedule 'D'
Profits tax
Share dividends accounts
Directors remuneration (including pension contributions)
Trade investments
Bank and investments' interest account
Westminster Bank special deposit
Government securities accounts
Tax reserve certificates
Depreciation of investments
Profit & loss appropriation account
Private office clearing account
Farm ledger clearing account
Reserve for freehold and leasehold properties
Special reserve (to be capitalised when permitted)
Reserve for modernisation, fixtures, equipment and transport
Reserve for maintenance and preference dividends
War damage reserve
Taxation reserve
Reserve for dividend repairs to property
Share capital accounts

Includes cross-references to corresponding entries in other account books:
A: Private ledger A (ie cross-references between different folios within this volume)
J: Depot journal 1928-45 or
GCB: Cash Books [the 1928-58 series]