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Journal relating to Sainsbury's properties .e.g. caretaker hours, management fees, special transactions. Covers periods, 1977/78 - 1979/80. The majority of properties listed are branches but other properties are also including such as offices, depots and farms. The accounts are arranged by financial period (each financial year is divided into 13 periods) - specific dates of transactions are not generally included in this journal.

Items are typically listed under various headings such as:
"Special Transactions" - lists transactions relating to particular properties, gives the name of the property but no description of the transaction (it may be possible to work out what the transaction related
"Adjustments" (as above items under this heading give a property name but no specific details, except an account code)
"E.C.R.H.S" - includes "Subvention Payment", "Management Fees", "Caretaker Hours"
"P.D.B.S. Rent Received"
"Adjustment & Suspense Balance"
"Wye College Project"
"Rating Fees - Adjustments"
"Additional Liabilities"

The journal contains columns with the following information:
Usually blank column, sometimes includes a very brief description of the transaction
Branch/property number (see branch authorities database)
Branch/property name (or a description if not relating to a specific property)
Account number (number as used in other account books such as ledgers eg S34.034)
Sum written in black (credit?)
Sum written in red (debit?)