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Journal containing details of transactions relating to compensation claims for war damage to property during the Second World War for Sainsbury's head office departments, branches and depots. Both debits to the accounts (money paid into the account by debtors) and credits to the accounts (money paid out of the account to creditors) are listed. Payments are included from the War Damage Commission and from the Board of Trade.

Entries contain the date, description, cross-reference to sales ledger, and the amount placed under one particular account. Initially the descriptions include details of what was damaged (eg "1 sack truck") with the location of the damage (eg branch name) but later only details of the location and sometimes a reference number "CNo." (claim number?).

The journal ceases to be used after 1943, and resumes use in 1946. For the first two pages covering 1946, the journal was filled in using a typical double entry journal format. However after this the journal is organised by account code such as S16 Branch movable equipment acquired since 1943.

On the last page of the volume is a table of costs for fixtures and fittings, ARP [Air Raid Precautions] and Works (presumably after war damage) at Marylebone branch.