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Audio recording and transcript of oral history interview of R. Tutchenor (or Tutchener?) relating to his work at Tunbridge Wells and other stores from 1924 to the 1960s, and his wartime experiences. Interviewed by J.S. Toffolo (Sainsbury's Assistant Company Archivist). Recorded at Sainsbury's Tunbridge Wells West Station [Linden Park Road] store.

Interviewee was born in 1907. Started work at 94 Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells store in 1924. Moved to 62 Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells circa 1932. Worked as poultry and game salesman, later butcher. Served in army during Second World War. After war returned to Sainsbury's at East Grinstead temporary branch in former church. Moved to Tonbridge branch after closure of Tunbridge Wells counter branches.

Topics include work as Sainsbury's, Second World War and rationing, Christmas turkeys, meeting Sainsbury family members.

Summary of content:
8_A, 9_A (side 1 of original cassette):
1924: Started work at 94 Mount Pleasant Road aged 17. Wembley Exhibition. Attended 2 week course Kingsland Road, Dalston. Mr Norton. Knowing times tables. Opening times at Kingsland Road. Tunbridge Wells. Mount Pleasant. Put on poultry and game department.
1920s/1930s: Wealthy customers at Tunbridge Wells. MacFisheries. Lipton's. Mrs Godfrey Phillips. Price of turkeys at Christmas. Baltic Sawmills. Christmas. Christmas displays. Manager at Mount Pleasant - Mr Taylor. Dressing windows. .
1920s: Staff required to wear pin-striped trousers and bowler hat. Mr Taylor. Bicycles. 1920s/30s: Cricket week. Crelos margarine display. Shopping Week. Butter department. Price of butter.
Early 1900s: Delivery methods. Horse and cart. 6d for drivers for arriving on time. Using furniture removal van.
1920s: Christmas.
1920s/30s: Length of service at Mount Pleasant. New shop.
1930s: Mr Bingham, manager of new shop. Training as butcher. Going into army for World War Two.
1940s: East Grinstead. East Grinstead bombed. Shop based in church in East Grinstead.
1950s: Mr JD Sainsbury. Christmas turkeys. Mount Pleasant shops. Poultry trade. Christmas. Introduction of boxed turkeys.
1960s Tonbridge. Oxted.
?: Window display of grouse with heather.
general: Opening hours of counter shops. Mr Alan Sainsbury. Mr Robert Sainsbury.
1930s: Mr Alan Sainsbury. Southbourne. Mr JD Sainsbury. Gifts at Christmas.
8_B, 9_B (side 2 of original cassette):
pre-war hoarding.
1939: World War Two soldiers ordering food.
1939/40s: Rationing and registering. Tunbridge Wells. Air raids. Deliveries. Air raids and precautions.
1930s: Staff photos. Mr Rowlands.
1930s?: Going to cinema in Tunbridge Wells.
1916: Shopping in Sainsbury's.
1920s: Looking for work. Working in chemist shop.
1930s: Sainsbury advertisement. Applying for work at Sainsbury's. Staff wages.
1940s: Shop Assistants' Union. Sainsbury's staff.
general/undated: Training. Debt collecting for Sainsbury's. Shoplifting.
1930s: Butchering. Cuts of meat.
1940s: Stopping delivering and preferential treatment of customers. Stopping hotel trade. Rationing and shortages. Smith's Crisps. Working in barrack's mess during the war.