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Audio recordings and transcript of oral history interviews of Glyn Harrison. Topics include his career at Sainsbury's, the various branches he worked in, and the changes to stores over time. Interviewed by J.S. Toffolo (Sainsbury's Assistant Company Archivist) at Sainsbury's Trinity Street, Coventry branch.

The interviewee was born 1912 and joined Sainsbury's 1928. He was a store manager from 1937 until 1972, including Coventry during Second World War. He worked at many different branches in his career: Luton, Cambridge Sydney Street (1933-circa 1935, senior man in charge of bacon), Bedford (Assistant Manager, circa 1935), Luton (for a second time, this time as Assistant Manager), Berkhamstead (Manager, c. 1937), Northampton (Manager, c. 1938-39), Victoria, Gloucester Road, High Street Kensington, Winchester, Fareham, relief management work at various branches in the Midlands, Marylebone Road (c. 1946-1951), Derby, Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Coventry. He retired in 1972.

Summary of content:
32_A: Joined Sainsbury in August 1928 aged 16. On pork and poultry in Luton. Trained at Blackfriars for 2 weeks. Luton opened in 1926, most modern store of its kind at the time. There for 5 years. Enlarged next door to grocery. Things changed. Experience of running store. Moved to Cambridge Sidney Street 1933. Senior Man in charge of bacon. Mr Lilley. Bacon department 8 or 9 people. Cambridge store business with colleges. Wages. Next position at Bedford, Assistant Manager. Next position Luton, Assistant Manager. Move to Berkhamstead 1937. Amersham. Area Manager Mr S.E. Smith. Northampton store taken over from Thoroughgoods. 1939 Relief Manager. Trinity Street Coventry. Memories of bombing in Coventry. Hostels. Owen Owens bombed out wreck. Sainsbury's Trinity Street store intact inside. Delivery van unable to get through. Drove out of town to reach a telephone to phone Head office to get van back. Built a fire on roof to heat up soup for staff lunch. Closed shop again. Transferred to Corporation Street and sold goods from trestle tables. Sainsbury's role in getting food supplies through to Coventry. Called up December 1940 RAF. Wireless operator mechanic until December 1945. Started back at Sainsbury's January 1946. Training Luton one month. Managed Fulham six months. Lived in Porchester Road. Relief Manager London. Manager of Marylebone Road Branch c.1946- 1951.Derby Store. Oxford Store. Bristol Store. Lewisham training. Bath 1 month. Leamington Spa. Retired 1972. Coventry busiest store, purchasing power high. Development of stores in and around Coventry and impact on central store business. Expansion into wines and spirits eventually in 1970s. Self-service and counter service. 27 butchers in preparation room in Coventry. Butter weighing. Cutting produce. Rabbits. 5 day trading week. High turn over of stock. Lack of space. 1950s hours shorter. 1960s longer opening times. Open Show Days. Hygiene. Decomposing meat.