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Audio recording and transcript of oral history interview of Eric Nicholls, a senior manager at Sainsbury's who started working for the company in 1956. He worked in various positions including: manager at Frozen Food Department; Head of Fruits and Vegetables; Manager, Vegetable Section, Produce Department; Head of Pies, Sausages and Burger Buying; Charities and Community Affairs Manager. Interviewed by Bridget Williams (Sainsbury's Archives).

Topics include frozen foods and Freezer Centres, the Blackfriars headquarters, self service, and produce (fruit and vegetables) department.

1970s: The rise and fall of the Freezer Centres. Three day week and power cuts. Old reception in Stamford House. Layout of Stamford House. Jubilee Strike.

1950s: Change to self service. Changes involved in self service. Produce department. Storage of produce.
1970/80s: Extending produce season. Freezer Centres.
general: Head Office vs. branches. Going public.