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Interviewed by Karen Fielder (Sainsbury's Archives).

1. George ?? - butcher
2. roundsman
3. Manager at 819 Goodmayes, c. 1948
4. Worked on bacon counter at Manor Park. Moved to Gants Hill.

Summary of recordings:
First speaker: George ?? Butcher. Story of dog stealing string of sausages from basket under shop counter.
Second speaker: Looking at photograph: story about Amy Johnson and Sainsbury's float for Enfield Carnival depicting Johnson's plane and advertisements for Blue Caddy tea,1931. Enfield Town shop manager Mr Seabrook (ph). Started March 1929 as a roundsman aged 15 and a half, moved onto poultry. 1939 -1945 called up. Shop delivery service. Enfield town had 1 bike and 1 tricycle. Other Enfield shop had 5 bicycles and 1 van. 16 shillings per week. Penny in a pound commission. Twice a year present to Blackfriars to check your uniform and received a payment for keeping your uniform in good condition. Sainsbury's football team.
Third speaker: looking at photograph of Gants Hill shop 1935. Photograph of 819 Goodmayes c.1948 Manager [speaking]. [photographs have name of speaker and address on the back and are given to the interviewer]
Fourth speaker: worked on bacon counter at Manor Park. Moved to Gants Hill.
[15.00 lots of background chatting making it difficult to hear the main speakers]
Employees courting. Manager Percy Plant (ph). Meat orders and requests for first delivery. Housekeeper at Gants Hill Flo Barnes. [talking about current stores] Story about Lord Alan Sainsbury. Ronald Strobsill [ph] speaking office boy 42 years. c.1940 compulsory to do fire watching, paid by firm subsistence allowance in front of him was Alan Sainsbury. 1969 100th anniversary champagne meal. Bexley Heath branch opened. Would like to pay by cheque but denied. James Sainsbury story about not being recognised. Unidentified speaker talking about JD and Mr Farrow. Ronald story about biscuit dispatch clerk when JD was promoted to biscuit buyer.
[31.26] Unidentified speaker: 1939 decentralisation of staff from Blackfriars. Three depots Woolmer Green, Ramshot and Saffron Warden. Speaker worked at Woolmer Green. Subsistence allowance higher than wages. Went back to Blackfriars and got 100% wage rise. [33.00] Story about working in cold store Gravel Lane, Union Street, stacking cases of guinea fowl. Gentleman entered: "I pay the same price to freeze the ceiling as I do the floor, stack it up."
[34.50] Unidentified speaker: Monday dinner time to Saturday afternoon. Main trade 11.30 - 13.30 luncheon vouchers.
Another unidentified speaker: Goodmayes. Walthamstow 5 day week- open Monday afternoon and close Thursday afternoon. In canteen picture hangs of founder and his wife, on day of marriage. Mr Farrow used to wear butterfly collar. Chairman store visits Tuesday and Thursdays. 16 Enfield and 43 Enfield. Mr Harris District Manager. Farrow Area Superintendent. Stories of people unhooking hanging chickens and turkeys outside the shop.
Unidentified speaker: story of haunted store in Muswell Hill.
Unidentified speaker: JD bathroom tiles from 87 Balham store. Lived in at 128 Kilburn and moved to 14 Cricklewood. Started work 1947.

[same speaker continued] [Undeterminable chatting.]
Unidentified speaker, Fred??: stories about lorries with Lofty Bill Higgins.