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Oral history recording of R. Dudman. Interviewed by Karen Fielder (Sainsbury's Archives). The interview mainly relates to Woolmer Green (temporary wartime depot) in World War II and employment at Sainsbury's head office 1920s/1930s and 1950s.

Summary of content:
1939-1945: Finding of Woolmer Green. Woolmer Green - which branches delivered to. Which staff went to Woolmer Green. Staff accommodation at Woolmer Green. Woolmer Green opening and closing dates. Powers Samas. N.C. Turner. Woolmer Green staff, lorries, distribution. Woolmer Green bombing, ordering procedure, sales sheets. Woolmer Green deliveries and drivers. Home Guard.
1920s?: R. Dudman early days, bought ledgers.
1930s: Mechanisation, Powers Samas, punched cards.
1920s onwards: Griffin Club.
1940/50s approximate: Sales office. Steve Cody. Refers to Lord Alan Sainsbury.
1939-1945: Woolmer Green general. Buyers at Blackfriars. Depots, women staff, housekeeper Miss Robinson. Bombing in London.