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Oral history interview and transcript of Mr and Mrs K. Bird (Sainsbury's customers, both born 1909). Mrs Bird had shopped with Sainsbury's since 1911 and Mr Bird since 1918. Recorded at the interviewees' home in Alton, Hampshire. Interviewed by Karen Fielder (Sainsbury's Archives). Topics include memories of shopping at Sainsbury's branches in Ilford as children during First World War and afterwards, Second World War and rationing, and changes to shops and food over the 20th century.

Summary of content:
41_A, 42_A:
Mr and Mrs Bird both born 1909 Ilford.
c. 1918: Mrs Bird recalls going to Sainsbury's butcher's shop with mother in Cranbrook Road. Green Stores. Sainsbury's shops in Ilford.
1916/17: Shopping in Sainsbury's.
First World War: Shopping and eating. Delivery vehicles. General chat. Sainsbury's Grocers. Rationing and shortages.
First World War to Second World War: Eating habits.
c. 1920s: Lack of refrigeration. Larders. 1920s keeping food cold without refrigeration. Ice companies.
1920s/30s: Description of Sainsbury's shops.
Second World War: Rationing. British Restaurants. Sainsbury's shops.
General: Sainsbury's compared with other stores. Hygiene. Staff quarters.
1950s: Introduction of self service.
Pre 1950s: counter service shops. Service at Sainsbury's. Faith in Sainsbury's.

41_B, 42_B:
1950s: Post war, beginning of self service.
1960s: Shopping habits.
General: Social changes. Introduction of convenience foods. Shopping methods.
1920s: Different brands. Influence of advertising.
1990s: Oulton store. Opinion about supermarkets.
General: Loyalty to Sainsbury's. General opinion of Sainsbury's. Opinion about Sainsbury's development. Help to students. Memories of early shops.