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Audio recordings of oral history interview of Mrs E. Drake (born 1911). Interviewed by David (surname unknown).

132A [unidentified male and unidentified female speaking] Talking about photographs. Chapel Market. 48 and 76 Chapel Street. The Islingtons. Grandmother sold milk on Upper Street c.1860. Cow in back of shop. Farming family. Her grandmother came to London age 18. Speaker is 91. Mother's family from Shropshire. Aunts were nursemaids at Balmoral. Discussing photograph of 48 Islington. She was based at 43 High Street, Islington. Kept chickens. Describes geography of Sainsbury stores in Angel Islington. Left Sainsbury 1975. New store in Liverpool Road. 54-55 Chapel Market. Discussing photograph - sold unwrapped bread.

132B Walking up Balls Pond Road doodle bug overhead. Allotment Clissold Park. Story about skinned frozen rabbits delivered without kidneys. Cleaning calves heads. Manual store to self service store. Biscuit and bread case. Rationing. Returned to work supermarket in 1960s. 10 years counter service. Returned to work after having daughter when daughter was 5 years old at herbalist c. 1947. Applied to Sainsbury's but were keeping jobs for men returning from war. Working in Sainsbury's Islington c. 1953/1954. Bacon display. Retired 1975 age 64. Good firm to work for. Coding on biscuits. Chocolate bars missing.