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Oral history recording and transcript of Les Mansfield - Sainsbury's employee 1934 to 1971 - first as butcher then store manager. Worked at various branches in Ilford area, plus Blackfriars (Stamford Street) branch. Topics include his work as a butcher, Second World War experiences, the Sainsbury's shops he worked in, and his work as a branch manager. Interviewed by Bridget Williams.

Summary of content:
file 18_A:
1934: Joined company after interview with Mr JB Sainsbury. Started at 13-15 Stamford Street.
1935: Moved to 34 Cranbrook Road, butcher's branch. Description of Cranbrook Road. Description of products sold. Customers. Delivery boys. Manager of Cranbrook Road. Description of appointment as manager. Meeting Mr Salisbury and Mr Smith.
1938: Getting married. Living over the shop. Customers.
1935: Appointment as manager.
1930s: Mr JB Sainsbury. Customers at Cranbrook Road. Staff at Cranbrook Road. Staff at Cranbrook Road. Meat buying.
1930s/40s: Bombing of 14 Cranbrook Road. Moving 14 Cranbrook Road to 34 Cranbrook Road. Working in combined shop. Moving to 48 Ilford with grocery and provisions. Difficulties of working in 48 Ilford. Refrigeration. Number and description of staff during war. Air raids and air raid shelter. Rationing.
Post-Second World War: Going back to 13-15 Stamford Street. Description of working at 13-15. Mr JB Sainsbury. Mr RJ Sainsbury. Mr Alan Sainsbury.

file 18_B:
1950s: Sent to Gants Hill.
1971: Retired