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Video recording of interviews of Sainsbury's veterans (retired staff) relating to Sainsbury's during the Second World War. Interviewed by Bridget Williams in front of a blue screen, at the Royal Lancaster Hotel.

1. Interview of Glyn Harrison who worked as relief manager of Coventry branch of Sainsbury's during the Second World War. Topics include the blitz in Coventry and operation of the store during this time, his work as a branch manager.
Summary: Relief Manager at Coventry store during blitz in 1940. Bombing usually happened between 8pm -10pm. Sheltered in cellar of hostel with staff. Terrified. Recalled walking into Coventry town centre to check on store. Devastation of the town centre. Sainsbury store relatively unscathed. Coventry cut off. Drove out of town and phoned Head Office to get deliveries sent to Coventry. Opened store. Unexploded bomb evacuated store. Built stall in Corporation Street and sold unrationed goods. Daily supplies continued to be delivered to the store. Lived at Luton and would go home at weekend, saw German planes drop incendiary bombs. Would fill car with people and drive out of town to a pub to avoid bombings in Coventry. Recounts story of sheltering in the cellar and opening the store the following morning again.

2. [13:55] Interview of Alf Earle, who was a butcher at Sainsbury's Elmers End (London) store during the Second World War. Topics include meat during the war, rationing.
Summary: Butcher at Elmers End during Second World War. Story of portioning lamb for rationing. Lamb came from New Zealand and Argentina. Relationship with customers. Would move his staff around the different tasks so they didn't become too familiar with customers. Meat samplers. At Forest Hill when Crystal Palace burnt down.

3. [26:50] Interview of Fred McManus, who worked at Bramshott depot (a special wartime depot).
Summary: Bramshott depot. Products included butter, canned goods, cereals. Called up but discharged due to health. Joined Home Guard. Canadian Armed Forces. Memories of celebrating V.E. in Streatham with a party. Story of doodlebug dropping on a train and carrying an injured soldier to Norwood Junction.