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Video recordings of interviews by Bridget Williams of various Sainsbury's veterans (retired staff). Contains one longer interview of a former meat manager, and short 'vox pop' interviews of various veterans (three individuals and one group).
There are two versions of the recording but both appear to have identical contents. 25 minutes 44 seconds long (Betacam SP version)/25 minutes 27 seconds long (VHS version).

1. Interview of male veteran discussing training, his first job at Sainsbury's as improver butcher, later became a meat manager in a self-service store, about changes as a result of self-service, difference between sales of meat at Sainsbury's and other shops.
2. Short interview of man who worked at Blackfriars and Charlton depots.
3. Short interview of man who worked at Wandsworth branch
4. Short interview of Mr Stroud (chauffeur to Mr R.J. Sainsbury)
5. Group interview of Daisy Knight (worked in print room, most recently as print room manager), Betty (employed from 1968, worked in training department), and Alf (worked first as lift operator at Blackfriars, later house manager).