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Video recording of interview of Betty and Ian Jamieson. Interviewed by Bridget Williams (Sainsbury's Archives) at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. It is evident that the interview was recorded with the intention of producing an edited programme.

Betty Jamieson - employee in Sainsbury's shops from 1942.
Ian Jamieson - employee in Sainsbury's shops from 1947.

1. How Betty and Ian met while working at Sainsbury's Pinner branch. Not allowed to work together once they were married.
2. Betty having started work on grocery counter at Joel Street [Northwood Hills, London] branch. Work on other counters and at other branches.
3. Ian starting in 1947, then going on National Service, return after National Service. About his work in the shops. Differences between different shops. Cleaning of shop after closure.
4. Betty's first experiences of self-service at Ruislip, differences with counter service.
5. Ian's comments on change to self-service. Changes in choice of products available.
6. Betty's comments on products available in self-service stores. Work in self service stores.
7. Ian's comments on patience required to work in counter service. Skills for working in self service. Mixed self service and counter service introduced at Pinner store.
8. recording of 'noddies' for editing purposes
[27:15] Veterans reunion dinner. Includes two short interviews by Bridget Williams, and footage of people chatting at the reunion.

Three additional (non-digitized) video tapes are also included in this file but these may be duplicates.