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Video recordings of veterans (retired staff) interviews held at a reunion to celebrate Sainsbury's Guildford store's 90th anniversary, and footage of the reunion. The interviews may have been used in the 'Quality perfect, Prices lower' company history video.

Video 1998.0449:
1. Filming outside Sainsbury store in Guildford town centre, unedited recording.
2. Interview of Doris Freeman (a Sainsbury's employee, who worked in the office of Sainsbury's Guildford branch, started about 1936) by Bridget Williams. Includes discussion of customer accounts, memories of working and shopping at Sainsbury's. Nursemaid prior to working as a telephone clerk with Sainsbury's. Felt petrified on first day. Work progression into customer account ledgers. Hours of work 8.30am until 7pm weekdays. Saturday 8am until 9pm. Beginning of day answered the phone and took orders. Explains the delivery area for the Guildford store. Sainsbury's Danish butter. Decision to work for Sainsbury's. Earliest memory of shopping with her mother in Sainsbury's and the attending her interview at Blackfriars. Started work for Sainsbury's at 17. Worked at Guildford until 20 years old.
3. Interview of Minnie de Kretser (a Sainsbury's customer from the Second World War onwards). Includes discussion of memories of shopping in Guildford, cheeses and other food products. First memories of Sainsbury's shopping with grandmother. Second World War rationing. Sausages. Had whale meat once. Christmas shopping queues. Competitors Tesco and Liptons. Guildford was a quiet place. Introduction of self service.

Video 1998.0450:
1. continuation of Minnie de Kretser interview. Staff and customer relations. Guildford store. Floor tiles. Marble topped counters. Skilled work.
2. [6'28"] recording of Veterans reunion to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Guildford store, held in the store. Includes conversations with various veterans and a current manager in the company.

Video 1998.0451 (11 mins 52 seconds long):
Interview of Doris Freeman (same interview as featured on cassette 1998.0449, possibly edited?)

Video LSA/8823 (4 minutes, 35 seconds long):
Footage showing a woman and a man looking at a display of photos from the Sainsbury’s Archive and discussing how things had changed with Sainsbury’s company historian Bridget Williams. They are holding copies of Bridget Williams’ book “The Best Butter in the World”.

An additional four (non-digitzed) video cassettes are also included but some or all of these seem likely to be duplicates.