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Video recording of interviews of two Sainsbury's store employees, discussing the history of their work for the company and changes over time. Interviewed by Bridget Williams (Sainsbury's Archives) at Sainsbury's Watford town centre store. The interviews appear to have been recorded for the 'Quality perfect, Prices lower' video.

Contents of tape 1998.0474 (33 minutes 10 seconds long):
1. Recording of interview of Jean Supple, a current Sainsbury's store employee who started work at Sainsbury's in Wembley (in the 1970s?). Discusses her work and the changes (such as new products, computerisation and scanning), and customers.
2. [22:35] Recording of interview of Mary Dormer, a current Sainsbury's store employee who started work in a counter service store. Worked on the counter, then in the office, later trained as a 'butcherette', then on bakery, and returned to butchery. Discusses her work and how it changed, changes in the stores over time such as changes in shopping habits and in the product selection.

Contents of tape 1998.0475:
continuation of Mary Dormer interview.

Four additional (non-digitized) video tapes are also included in this file but these may be duplicates.