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Photographs of Farnham branch on opening day. The store was opened by Lord Sainsbury of Drury Lane (Alan Sainsbury) and was also attended by Mr and Mrs Timothy Sainsbury and their children Camilla and James. Photos of the old store are also included.

Some of the photographs appear in JS Journal September 1966 (page 2-6 "News & Developments").

1-3: Miss D. Rowe (First Clerk, Farnham)
6-10: Farnham (18/9 The Borough) branch exterior - after closure (the new branch can be seen on the right in the background)
11, 20, 21: Farnham (8 Woolmead) branch exterior (the new branch)
14-16: Mr D. Hawkins (Assistant Manager, Farnham)
17-19: Mr R. Few (Head Butcher) and Mr E. Kaye (Meat Supervisor) at Farnham
22-23: Mr A. Oakley (Assistant Manager, Farnham)