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File containing customer feedback material collected from Sainsbury's branches, as part of market research.


Customer feedback questionnaire entitled 'How can we make your store better?' collected from Mare Street Sainsbury's Local (London). The questionnaire asks shoppers: how often they use the store; how they get to the store; whether they use the store for their main weekly shop; what the store could stock to make it better (fresh goods, groceries, tins and dry goods, household goods); whether customers would prefer more check-outs, more self scan checkouts, or more space in store. This customer feedback exercise was carried out with Four Communications plc.
The cover features a photograph of Sainsbury's products (eggs, wine, tomatoes, spaghetti, milk) in a shopping bag. It also features the 'Live Well For Less' slogan with outline of the UK.

Business-card sized card with orange and white print and text 'How did we do today? Tell Sainsbury's.'.