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Market research results for studies on various aspects of retail e.g. staff product knowledge; store environment; Christmas packaging; car parking and unusual foods.

Contains the following reports:
Interesting and unusual foods
The "almost vegetarian cookbook"
Comparative rating monitor
JS Journal & Sainsbury Group Video
Staff Product Knowledge Phase II
Hypergeometic, binomial and poisson distributions
Multiple Discriminant Analysis: Applications to Marketing Research
Sainsbury's "Discount" An Agency View
Homebase Market Shares at Surveyed Stores
Research with Customers at Homebase Basingstoke: Use of vending machines
Car Park Survey
'Safe Living'
D.I.Y. Shopping Survey
The British Consumer: Patterns of Income and Expenditure 1993
Male Housewives
DIY in Home Research
Sunday Opening
Homebase Research
Research with Homebase Customers at Cardiff, Gloucester and Northampton
How Green Is My Consumer?
The Sainsbury Image; Notes for M.R.F.
Savacentre (Merton) Shopping Survey
Group Discussion Research on Delicatessen Counters
Store "Environment"
Christmas Packaging