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'With Sainsbury's prices you can guarantee a White Christmas' advertisement proof, 1983 with slogan 'Good food costs less at Sainsbury's'. Includes prices for 'Cape Raisins', 'Sainsbury's mixed fruit', 'Sainsbury's sultanas', 'Sainsbury's currants', 'Sainsbury's Icing Sugar', 'Sainsbury's marzipan almond icing', 'Sainsbury's glacé cherries', 'Sainsbury's cut mixed peel', 'Sainsbury's ground almonds', 'Sainsbury's Demerara Raw Cane Sugar', 'Sainsbury's Plain Flour', 'Sainsbury's mincemeat'. Also includes illustrations of these products.

Includes a recipe for an iced Christmas cake along with an illustration.

Includes note written on advert with date 24 Oct 1983.