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'Raise your glasses to low prices from Sainsbury's' advertisement proof, 1983 with slogan 'Good food and drink costs less at Sainsbury's'. Includes prices for 'Sainsbury's Blended Scotch Whisky', 'Sainsbury's Dry Gin', 'Sainsbury's Tonic Water', 'Sainsbury's Vodka', 'Teacher's Scotch Whisky', 'Sainsbury's Pale Ale', 'Green Label Tuborg Pilsner Lager', 'Sainsbury's Dutch Lager', 'Sainsbury's Champagne', 'Cinzano Biaco', 'Sainsbury's Spanish Sherry', 'Sainsbury's Rheinpfalz Liebfraumilch', 'Sainsbury's Vin Rouge de France', 'Emva Cream Sherry', 'Sainsbury's Ruby Port', 'Sainsbury's Coffee Cream Liqueur', 'Sainsbury's Armagnac Vsap'.

Also includes illustrations of these products.

Includes note written on advert with date 12 Dec 1983.