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Includes prices for 'Sainsbury's Cleansing Lotion', 'Body Mist 2' body spray, 'Johnson's Carefree Panty Shields', 'Johnson's Baby Powder', 'Crest' toothpaste, 'Lil-lets' tampons, 'Vosene Medicated Shampoo', 'Palmolive Family Shampoo', 'Alberto Balsam Deep Conditioner', 'L'Oreal Free Style Mousse', 'macleans' toothpaste, 'Super Softies' baby wipes, 'Vale of Health Keratin Herbal Conditioner', 'Palmolive' soap, 'Cussons Imperial Leather' anti-perspirant, 'Sainsbury's Hair Spray'.

Also includes illustrations of these products.

There are two very slightly different versions of the proof - one is about 2cm larger in height for a different newspaper size, with the image sizes/layout slightly adjusted to fit the different size.